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    History // Funeral for a Friend

    "I don’t care for your sweet scent or the way you want me more than I want you… Archers in your arches, raise your fingers for one last salute, and I’ll bleed this skyline dry. Your history is mine."

    Hearing them play this last night made my year.

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Late night thoughts


    Late night thoughts

  3. princesschubbybitch:

    I wonder if I just turn off my phone and go off the grid like maybe then I won’t have to deal with anything anymore

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  4. How do I stay positive when I’m being raised by complete negativity?
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  5. aimzees:

    How do you help someone that doesn’t want to be helped? How do you say something that shouldn’t have to be said? How do you give someone direction when they have to choose their own path? You can’t. And that’s so damn frustrating.

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  6. i love how a song isn’t just ’a song’.

    it’s a memory

    and it holds a little piece of you 

  7. amylovesjohnny:

    I love you today and I’m pretty damn sure I will still love you years from now.

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  8. So tell me, when you’re sat on the ground feeling like the world is ending and the tears won’t stop, who will be there to hold you and tell you no pain lasts forever?

    Who will love you unconditionally and tell you it’s okay to fall apart?

    Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #31 (Tell me, can he handle you at your worst?)
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everything personal♡


    everything personal♡

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  12. The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others.
    Omar Suleiman (via ayejie)
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